Conductive Education
Southern Centre
198 Esk Street
P.O Box 126, Invercargill
Phone: 03 2188 766


Conductive Education Southern Charitable Trust is a non-profit charitable organisation. We are a centre with the following purposes.

  • Providing programmes for all people from babies to 90+ years with physical disabilities and developmental delay to encourage independence and wellbeing.
  • Teaching families how to live with a disability while still living themselves.
  • Providing families with information to enable them to access services to benefit their child or adult.
  • To listen and understand the many ups and downs families encounter when living with people with disabilities – and to support them.

What is Conductive Education?
Conductive Education is a special education for children and adults with motor disorder. It was initially developed for the need of children with Cerebral Palsy, but is appropriate for any condition when the central nervous system affects the ability to coordinate and control movements.

In childhood, this includes cerebral palsy, dyspraxia and in adult age, multiple sclerosis, stroke, head injury or Parkinson's.

The system of the conductive-education is complex.

Conductive education is not a cure, a treatment, a therapy or a series of exercises.

Conductive Education is an educational approach where the individual is an active part in the learning process. It improves the body control, increases confidence, motivation and general well-being. Embraces learning development of movement, balance, speech, mental abilities and self-care simultaneously, not separately. There is a focus on the total development of the child, with particular attention to the integration and development of motor, intellectual, social and academic skills.

Conductive Education is a partnership between the educators called conductors and learners to create circumstances for learning, and with the help of motivation, the children get committed to their own learning. Conductive Education approaches problems of movement as problems of learning. We think that everybody is capable of learning if the approach is appropriate.

Conductive Education can be directed towards all age groups, but it is important to start as early as possible. Conductive Education is not a couple of hours of training, but an all day, all life, ongoing learning process, as the children have to apply the skills that they have practiced during Conductive Education sessions in everyday activities.

Conductive Education is taught by Conductors.

  • Free assessment
  • Parent centre based programmes for children over six months
  • Early childhood and kindergarten classes
  • School age centre based programme
  • Stroke Victims